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Thank you, David and Penne Adams

Many folks have been concerned about the violence the media portrays about Mexico.

Here is a letter from our management company that will put your minds at ease:


Just thought I would send you all a note about this coming season. I have been asked many times over the past few months by owners and renters if Mazatlan is safe. We just made the drive from Tucson, through Nogales to Mazatlan. We spent one night in Navojoa. At no time did we feel threatened or unsafe. The road was well traveled and patrolled. I would not travel at night, but that is because of poorly lit road construction and free range animals, not because of any threats.

The press Mexico has been receiving is greatly out of proportion to what the average citizen or traveler ever encounters. I feel safer here that any major city in the USA. The rate of violent deaths per 100,000 is far below what is encountered in the USA and in the world rankings, Mexico is one of the safest. Yes, there are violent deaths happening in some of the border communities and there are drug and government killings occurring. However, it is not happening in Mazatlan or really in any of the other vacation destinations. Where they have been problems, it was very rarely "innocents" that were harmed, it was people in the wrong side of town doing the wrong things and involved in things that lead them to harm.

So what does this mean? It means that Mexico's tourist trade is getting hit hard and that affects all of us. The drug issue coupled with the economic downturn in the USA, the big H1N1 virus scare, and a general fear factor is causing rentals to fall below what we were all expecting. Last year, we had a fair year because the Canadians picked up some of the vacancies left by the lack of USA visitors. However, this year, Canada is seemingly following the same route as the USA and I am hearing many of the same questions from Canadian citizens as I did from US visitors last year.

That said, we are going to need your help. Please let your friends and family know that it is safe to travel here and encourage them to come for a visit.  Once we get them here, they will fall in love with the beauty and tranquility, the friendliness of the people and ambience that we all loveabout Mazatlan.

All is not doom and gloom, we are getting a large number bookings and for some it is going to be a great year. For others, however, unless things change, it will be an off year. We will continue to do our part in letting people know that Mazatlan is a great place to visit, we ask that you do the same.

Best regards,

David and Penne Adams